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Mileage Rates Guide For Cab Partners

Probably the most important task that must be carried out by all Cab Partners! -  For the Jumpyn algorithm to calculate accurate prices for your service we must have your mileage rates for the vehicles that you have in your fleet.

Firstly sign in and head to your dashboard, then select 'Your Vehicles'  - There you will see a list of vehicle types and tick boxes next to those vehicles, please tick which ones you have in your fleet.

You then have to enter the rates for your chosen vehicles, click on the orange 'Set Rates' box for each vehicle.

Standard Fare

For the purpose of any examples we are using a 4 Seat Standard vehicle

This speaks for itself but just to clarify, this is your price that covers a set distance, the minimum fare you will undertake, for example - £6.50 (minimum fare) to cover 1 mile or £5.00 to cover 2 miles. Wherever you are located in the UK these vary, you should set what works for you in your operating area.

Base To Base

The minimum fare expires and is not included in any fare calculations once the distance you set for your 'Standard Fare' has been passed. We then move on to calculating fares using the 'Base To Base' mileage rates you set.

The Jumpyn algorithm then calculates fares by taking the total distance covered, starting from your operating address, then onto pick up, any via's, then drop off and finally back to your operating address.

For example - HeathrowT5 to Jumpyn's office address, which is IP32 7GY would be a total round trip of 220 miles.

You would then divide the total mileage by 2 and then multiply by the mileage rate set for the distance box that 110 miles falls into! 

The Jumpyn default setting for 110 miles is £1.70 a mile (These default rate settings are subject to change) Therefore the price would be £187. Jumpyn default mileage rates are in place as soon as you register, but please amend to suit your service.

We add a £15 surcharge to all airport pick up bookings for passengers to cover one hours parking and meet and greet.

We strongly advise testing the Jumpyn algorithm to make sure it is calculating accurate prices for your service. You can do that here

If you have any questions or need some help with mileage rates please contact the support team at [email protected] or 01728 726564