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About Us


Jumpyn lets you compare and book taxi services online with our fare finder for cheap taxi prices. From long-distance airport transfers to short, last-minute trips, we are known as one of the UK's leading comparison services in this sector.


By using Jumpyn’s complex algorithm, we deliver instant prices for over 600 travel providers across the UK.


Founded in 2012 by Matt Chapman, The idea of Jumpyn was started in his spare bedroom in between running his own private hire company and looking after his three young children, a challenge to say the least! Matt saw a tremendous opportunity in the marketplace to deliver a comparison & booking service that ultimately allows the passenger to compare and book their ride in seconds.

Timeline - ‘Progress not Perfection’

2012 - Whilst receiving a high volume of booking enquiries, Matt stumbled upon the idea that it would be great to develop an online service where passengers and travel providers could connect and ultimately book a journey. After a lot of thought and writing down ideas on scrappy pieces of paper, Matt decided to move forward with the concept and approached some website designers.

By the end of the year we had the first version of a website called ‘Compare Cab Fares’ rubbish name…website not much better!


2013 -

Re-evaluated project….is this going to work…how do we fund this….just some of the constant questions one has when starting a new venture!


2014 -

Approached a new design company and started work on a new site, new concept and new passenger journey…still need a great name!

It was designed so that passengers could list their journey and suitable cab partners were notified and invited to bid their best price for that journey. Started slow but in time we started to see bookings coming in. Feedback from passengers and travel providers showed that while the concept did work, it was to slow…..back to the drawing board!


2015 -

How to improve and maintain traction….Firstly…..the name…..having spent literally months on domain name websites Matt knew it was not easy generating a catchy unique name for this start up. The thought process was always to come up with a name that relates to the taxi industry.

Ride….Lift…..Curb….Jump In….Hop In…..Matt started looking at how these were spelt…Other start ups had changed spellings to create a modern take on traditional words..

Lift became Lyft, Catchy and different….Jump In….Jumpin….Jumpyn!! check availability…available…buy it now!!


2016 -

Approached Trebuchet Creative in Ipswich to look at the user journey for both passengers and cab partners. They redesigned the whole look and feel of the site. Passengers can now compare and book in seconds. By now we have hundreds of travel providers on board, they can set their own prices which speeds the whole process up for all parties.


2017 -

New look Jumpyn website launched, now the hard work begins!!


Matt comes from a background of customer service focused industries and has many years of experience in going the extra mile for customers..don’t just take our word for it, see why we are rated ‘Excellent’ by our passengers. We offer a secure payment gateway which is provided by Sagepay and a money back guarantee.

We help passengers compare and book rides across the entire UK, not just airports, we offer our service to the local community and businesses, We are based in Suffolk in the UK, we speak in plain English and we are here to help 24/7!

Matt is available to assist with your journey or to answer any questions about Jumpyn. Please get in touch by sending an email to [email protected] or call him on 01728 726564