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How it Works

Comparing and Booking Taxi Fares with Jumpyn

Need to book a cab? Just looking to compare taxi prices? Whether you’re heading into town or travelling to the airport for a well-deserved break, you’re in the right place.

Compare & book We'll get you taxi fares in just a few clicks

Our powerful search engine has been built to get you estimate fares in seconds. Cast a search and we’ll analyse fares from over 5,000 licensed firms in the UK.

Step 1. Find a quick estimate

Simply enter your journey details and tap 'compare fares' for a quick estimate. The more information you provide about your trip, the more accurate your fare will be.

Step 2. Want to book a cab in advance? Get a fixed quote

Once your estimates are in, it’s time to get a fixed quote.

Estimates can be sorted by best price, highest rated or Jumpyn approved. To help you find the right cab for your journey, browse company profiles for details on their firm and their fleet. You can also read reviews by Jumpyn users.

Select all the taxi firms you’d like to receive a fixed quote from. They’ll be invited to bid on your journey. What's more, each cab partner asked to quote will see what other cabbies have listed, so expect some healthy competition!

Step 3. Book the best option 

While you wait, cabbies will be busy bidding on your journey. You’ll be notified each time you get a new quote, so sit back and let the prices come to you.

When you are ready to book, Jumpyn lets you do it with confidence. We have a secure payment system and money back guarantee to keep you safe.

FAQs Do you have a question?
What is Jumpyn? We are a free to use comparison and booking service dedicated to finding the best price for your cab or minibus ride. Our registered office is in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk but we work with Cab Partners across the UK. If you want to ask any questions about us or our services please get in touch.
How do I know if a Cab Partner is a licensed travel provider? All Jumpyn approved Cab Partners are required to hold a valid operators license, and they provide and show that operators license number within their Jumpyn Cab Partner profile. The license will have been issued by their local authority when they were accepted as a private hire operator. When a cab provider applies for an operators license they are vetted by their local authority to make sure they are suitable to hold the license. All Jumpyn approved Cab Partners are bound by Jumpyn's Terms & Conditions for Cab Partners and drivers which state the terms of business which they must abide by, they are designed to offer piece of mind to you the passenger when booking your journey with Jumpyn. If in doubt please get in contact with our customer support team who will be happy to assist with any queries.
What is a 'Ride Back'? A Ride Back is a term used to describe a type of journey undertaken by travel providers who have dropped a passenger at their destination and then return to their operating area with an empty vehicle. They have no passenger and no fare on that return trip so you will find that if you can match yourself with a travel provider with an empty vehicle you will get a great discount on the journey as they would otherwise have no fare at all. Check out the Ride Backs to see if there are any going your way!